CA Lic# 843641
Arborist# WE-9364A


Hello and Thank You for Coming to

Residential and Commercial
24 Hour Emergency Service

You've made the first step in getting the
best possible care for your trees. CST is a
professional Arbor Culture Company
located in Atascadero California, the heart
of the Central Coast. We Specialize
in Planting, Proper Pruning, Removing,
Arborist Reports, and Stump Grinding.
CST is a Fully Licensed and Insured
Company with the Lastest Modern Equipment.

CAL OSHA Compliant
State Licensed Vendor
Cerified Small Business

$2 Million Dollar General Liability
Worker's Compenation
$1 Million Dollar Auto Policy
Your Home Is Protected

The Benefit of having CST do your Tree Work is you get Charlie to
Work and Run Every Job. Charlie is a Second Generation certified
Arborist born into the business doing the work on your trees.
Not a delegator of work, but the actual arborist doing the work.

Charlie has been in a tree with a chain saw since he was 12
years old. let Charlie put his signature on your trees. Don't let
someone sit and guess what to cut. get the Arborist who can
properly plant, prune, or remove any treee safely.

Charlie is an Oak Tree Specialist.
Fruit Trees and any variety of large trees.

Charlie is what they call a "Tree Artist"